How it Works

After watching the short video on how a Jonsson shrimp peeling system works, check out the benefits our customers receive. Contact us today and we'll send you a FREE savings analysis comparing our equipment to peeling shrimp by hand.

The key to top quality is individual shrimp processing. Every Jonsson machine automatically adjusts to each shrimp, gently peeling and deveining it in the style selected.

Shrimp are placed in a plastic tray. The rest is automatic.

  1. A small clamp picks up a shrimp from a plastic tray.
  2. The shrimp is carried through a centering guide as a large clamp closes with a firm grip on the shell.
  3. If tail-on processing is selected, the body shell is broken from the tail segment.
  4. The large clamp carries the shrimp through a patented cutter and guide system that precisely splits the shell.
  5. A pair of brushes removes the vein.
  6. A fork enters the shrimp meat, pulling it gently and cleanly from the shell.
  7. The shell is then discharged at a different location.
  8. After peeling, visual inspection and minor handwork complete the process.